Once in a while..

Literally once in like.. 8 months, I will take a pure BDSM session. This means JUST BDSM without a healing component. If the interests intrigue me that is.

Things that I like: 

Degradation, humiliation, erotic hypnosis, needles, psychological control and breaking someone down mentally, turn the tables scenarios, predicament play-- novel and creative play

The more intense, complex, challenging, mentally stimulating, psychologically provocative, the better. HOWEVER I must note that these are not necessarily a part of my healing BDSM sessions unless negotiated or are already a part of the sub's interests. These are purely MY interests in BDSM only scenes. If your BDSM interests do not fit into the scope of mine, we won't play in BDSM only scenes but there is a chance if you are the right candidate for a healing session, for us to engage in that format.

I am NOT interested in-- topping from the bottom. Sensual masturbatory shit, 50 shades of gray shit, bondage, placating you, getting you off