Feminine Dominance

I'm inspired to write about how femininity relates to my style of dominance. If you've been following along with me over the last year you might've read some bits and pieces of this, but today is when I put it all down on one page.

When I tell people I'm a domme, most will remark how masculine they would think dommes are. They're surprised because I'm so feminine, so soft. The truth of the matter is there is a great misconception here: that POWER is associated purely with masculine traits and that to be DOMINANT you must be more MASCULINE.

There is great, great power in properly wielding femininity. Masculine dominance is about power over others- it's a struggle, because one person must assert him/herself as ALPHA. Whereas, with feminine power, no one needs to struggle. The feminine power is and he, even alpha, submits to her willingly. Her dominance can be subtle, it can be sweet, it can be flowing and not forcing, and that's what makes her strong

As I've mentioned before, we have such weak associations with femininity in our society that by identifying as feminine, we often misidentify what it truly means. There are strong versions of femininity too- and no woman must give away that side of her to be perceivably strong and powerful. There isn't just one meaning to strength, nor is there just one side to femininity, nor to masculinity. 

By being a soft, feminine mistress, I can in fact, heal not only the repressed feminine aspect of you, but also give the masculine aspect a needed respite and direction- just because the masculine can be harsh does not mean that it does not need nurture- in fact, it NEEDS and CRAVES it because it is its opposite, and it is its complement.