Myth: All Healing Is The Same

This is bullshit.

A lot of healers and certain healing communities want you to believe this woo-woo concept that everyone’s tapped into the same source and therefore have equal amounts of healing abilities.

That’s a great concept for some who live in socialist healing la-la land. But in reality, everyone is born with different skillsets, differing amounts of access and commitment to those skillsets and vastly different potentials in all realms. Healing is no different from many other professions. Think about it- some people are born to be business people. We all have the ability to be a business person, but it’s the difference between how some people succeed and some fail. It’s the confluence of their natural abilities, opportunities, and then all the many chances day to day for them to exercise their skillset. It’s the difference between average and a legend. That’s why so few people become legends, because they’re not average.

You can dress the part, look the part, speak the “language” and fool many people into thinking you’re walking divinity but honestly, the person who IS vs. pretending to be will operate from a very different angle. They don’t need to pretend, overcompensate, because they ARE. They KNOW that they are. They’ve always been different and most likely their lives have been hard because of that- because it was training them to be different on a larger scale.

I’ve had many experiences with healers myself. I’ve had some who don’t understand trauma at all. They’ve never been through it., Maybe they’ve studied enough, but textbook objectivity will never give them the access, the understanding, the compassion, not to mention the EMPATHY and experience to help someone else through it. If you haven’t been there, you can’t pretend to know. Your heart can’t be half as in it as someone who has. The will to help others needs to come from a very deep place.

Secondly, there are some people who are born to do this. It comes from many past lives of honing this skill- and in this life time it comes back to you. Before I got attunements and consciously worked on managing my energy, I was zapping people with my hands because the “faucet” by which my healing energy flowed was way too strong. I’m aware that I don’t need any certifications, but I get them anyway so I can doubly strengthen my awareness of what I’m here to do and how to do it. Just because someone has a certification, however, doesn’t mean that they’re totally qualified, nor have the natural capacity and the creativity to execute it properly- be aware of this.

Thirdly- you need someone who deals with their own shit and commits to this in all areas. This is a lot harder than you think it is. It means consciously being aware of your energy at all times, maintaining not just your own body but your life. I literally put healing at the forefront of everything- it’s all I think about, it’s all I do, it’s where all of my energy goes in my own life and for others.

People will sometimes say, oh I got reiki before— but no honey, what I do is vastly different. We can accomplish what you would’ve barely touched in 10 sessions with someone else who calls themselves a healer and is just trying to make you feel good. My goal is not for you to feel good temporarily, but to create lasting change and healing. You’re going to remember me forever because when you meet me, work with me, you’ll understand what the real deal is.

Real healers can identify real healers. The phony feel threatened in a real healer’s presence.

Be conscious of what your goals are and who you work with.