Spiritual Healing

This month I'm going to do a big push for spiritual healing- I've added a niteflirt line specifically for healing and intuitive counseling- that means I assess your energy remotely and heal you from a distance while we're communicating. Any intuitions, visions or feelings, I will tell you. General spiritual guidance will be given to lead you towards joy, light and fulfillment.

Additionally I'm offering remote reiki at a discounted rate of $100 per hour. This is a great health reboot not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. From afar I tap into your energy body and restore balance to your chakras so that you are returned to neutrality, to optimal functioning. It's important to be conscious of our energy as that is what is dictating our realities as it is what is attracting the circumstances in our lives, and yet we forget to manage it. 

My goal is to lift others higher with my knowledge, healing and insight. That's how we change the world.