Why Trauma?

The reason why I write about trauma even while knowing it may turn many of you off is because so many of us don't recognize the traumas we endured (I know many of you expect to be reading masturbatory fodder). As human beings we are all traumatized in modern society. We just accept it as "normal" when normal is a blanket term designed by the very systems that traumatize us and keep us functioning below our consciousness threshold.

How could we identify it during times when our agency was stripped away from us and it's all we knew? How can we identify it when the perpetrators staunchly denied it to be true? 

By showing you how I work through my own traumas, I intend to help you identify the traumas in your life. When we identify the traumas we faced, we are able to take back our own agency in those moments, recover a lost piece of ourselves (or better define who we are aside from the trauma-induced behaviors we thought were a part of us) and become whole- the way we're meant to be. We lose pieces of ourselves to traumas because they in ways, break our spirits into pieces and we give away our power bit by bit. We don't even realize how much of us is missing until we begin to rescue all those pieces.

If we live our lives numbing and being blind to our traumas, we never ever heal.