Film Recommendations

These are out now and are must sees. 


The Beguiled: Sofia Coppola's newest film- explores gender and power, and how sexuality negotiates and heightens both. It's brilliantly cast and just abstract enough so that you can tackle the themes theoretically

Beatriz at Dinner: Salma Hayek is a healer and she's invited to a dinner that's not her cup of tea. The way clairvoyance and clairsentience are explored in this film is something I've never seen before and highly accurate- the way it shows microaggressions, insensitivity and class/background struggles without being explicit is genius. The ending is somewhat strange and vague, however

A Ghost Story: for those contemplating passing and consciousness, this is a must see. It's more of a meditative film. As someone who's currently grieving, I was surprised to see how accurately grief is captured. This explores time, space in a nonlinear way and it was refreshing to see just how complex this spirit was, even if it's visually simple. Spirits do indeed communicate in the ways shown in this film. This film isn't about why's. It just is.