Testimonial 6/14

This was an intense 3 hr hypnosis session. At one point my sub got up to go to the bathroom and he almost couldn't walk he was so relaxed and in deep trance. Compared to the frame of mind he walked in with, which was one in overdrive, this was a million times better. It's usually difficult to bring someone from an adrenaline-heavy mental state to one of letting go, but he did it!


At first I was attracted to Aleta from her pictures, but I felt something more pulling me toward reaching out to her in order to book a session.  Once I read how her sessions are different from the standard BDSM experience, I was even more intrigued.  My experience was more spiritual cleansing than BDSM (however some BDSM elements were still involved).  I had been working a considerable amount over a long period of time and just needed an adjustment from within to relax and to put me in a more positive frame of mind.  She was absolutely amazing.  I spend 3 hours with her and almost a month later, I am still feeling the affects of her energy transferring into me.  She also helped me to apply some methods for myself when I am unable to see her.  I would highly recommend her to anyone, as she is caring, patience, and has an unexplained power that does truly work.