In my adult life, I’ve felt as though I’m some foreign musical instrument behind glassin an ancient history museum. People glance at me, struggle to imagine what sound I might make, and quickly move on to the next exhibit. Specifically, despite my outer appearance, I’ve been longing to conquer the fear of expressing a profoundly feminine part of my identity. After the weight of this isolation and misunderstanding built up over the years, I can’t really describe how touched I was by my session with Aleta. I can offer no better description of the experience than to say that I felt she already knew how to produce sound from that metaphorical instrument. Her guided meditation, thoughtful questions, and energy were like carefully-timed plucks, strikes, and bows at my soul and I could feel a quiet place inside me begin to resonate, building into a beautiful scream... My eyes watered. Yet, the room was so quiet and calm. The analogy is appropriate because, since then, I feel the echo hasn’t decayed. She instilled in me a belief that I could find community and belonging if I throw away my fears and inhibitions. This belief is making itself heard in my life since.