One of my recent lessons was interpersonal. Everyone has a dark and light side, and sometimes I run the risk of seeing a glimpse of darkness in an otherwise light person and thinking they're dark from that point on. Perhaps this is pointing to my perfectionist tendencies and the high pressure I place on myself that others do not, or to the fact that I am not fully entirely integrated in light and darkness.

But like a beautiful person shared with me recently. it's like walking into a restaurant craving something that isn't on the menu. Are you going to complain about it, get upset, walk out of the restaurant and go try to find a different one, or are you going to check out what else they have on the menu?

Essentially, if we have expectations, people will always disappoint. People may not be what we want them to be always, or ever, and if we lose sight of what they do have to offer, then we close ourselves off to an otherwise lovely experience.