Closing Off

As a child I remember talking to my friends all the time about guardian angels. They were as real to us as anything tangible- there was a certainty in the way we spoke that we knew we each had guardian angels that protected us, that guided us.

I can't remember when that stopped being a part of my reality. It was like one day I shut off and never spoke of them again, attributing the phrase to childish naivety. 

This is rampant. We all close, almost like a rite of passage to survive in this world that favors evidence over faith. To not be called childlike or crazy, we defer to man-made reason. I don't say logic because even the metaphysical runs on logic (though very different from the systematic logic that man has created)

And when we close, that part of us that's really us, dies. We lose touch with our imagination, our creativity, and our joy. We lose touch with the magic that this world has to offer us. We start valuing money, because it's tangible, over love. We stop trusting.

We need that part of us, the open part of us. It is our true nature. Remember.

Let go of everything that isn't you. Drop it all. Be light. Be free. Move forward. Life can be better than what you believe it can be.