Singular Submission

It truly touches me when I continue to get subs/slaves who offer their gift of submission to me when they haven't wanted to submit in the past to anyone. And what I'm speaking of is true submission, not the indulgent fake kind. You know what I'm saying.

Sometimes the explanation is that they haven't found someone else "worth" their submission (which is great that you know your value as I know mine)

Sometimes the explanation is no explanation, that there's something they're drawn to about ME. My authenticity, me as a person & soul. This means so much to me to know that my authenticity captures.

I realize the magnitude of this because I have many things that could work against me. Many of you choose me despite knowing that I'm young and may not have the experience level of someone who's been lifestyle for 20 years. I get that- but I am also an innovator- i go for the cutting edge so what you get with me will not be a traditional sort of domination. I am also a quick study- I perfect something that would take others 3-4x the time to get right. I go right for your mind and your body follows. However, our souls have already chosen one another.

When you offer your submission, you are making a choice and a commitment.

Commitment acts as a parameter that frees you. It is directed energy that is an investment, and a worthwhile one. Purposeful commitment removes the multitude of other choices giving you a more fulfilling experience. I wrote about the hazard of choice a few days ago-

Commitment makes you stronger. As humans we need the security of commitments. We need our energy directed (which also conserves it). We feel trepidation because it is ego.

When you decide on something and put your heart into it, you get more.