Review 2/11

I have had the privilege of serving as Mistress Aleta's personal slave for the past 4 months.  My main duties are cleaning her home, completing handyman projects and running errands. It has been, without a doubt, the most personally rewarding and fulfilling kink relationship of my life.  Every time I leave her apartment I feel like I'm glowing and can't wait to see her again. Being in her presence is the highlight of my week.  In only a few months, she has transformed my life.

Obviously, her website makes it clear how beautiful and alluring she is.  But no website can convey just how personable and kind she is. She has a sincere interest in my life and well-being.  She has motivated me to work out more and break out of my shell with others. I know she wants me to be a better person and takes the time to help me achieve that goal.  Her concern is deeply touching.  I have never served anyone else who has offered me tea, or performed crystal therapy, or interpreted my dreams.  Her effect on me has carried over to my vanilla life and at work, where I am more confident and outgoing.

I feel completely at ease when I'm around her, even though I am usually naked and wearing a pink chastity device.  It's all the more wonderful because she bought me the chastity device as a gift.  I had another one when I first met her, but she noticed it would slide off, so she got me a different, smaller, model!  The new chastity device fits much better and now we're experimenting with me wearing it for longer and longer periods.

After all that she has done for me, I can never repay her kindness. My greatest joy is making her happy and doing whatever I can to make her home more comfortable.  I truly hope that I can continue to clean her bathroom, scrub her dishes and run her errands for decades to come!