When you're applying or trying to contact me before we've established any sort of rapport- I ask you to please not dump everything on me. There is a difference between sharing that's vulnerable and comfortable and oversharing- examples of oversharing would be:

Contacting me over and over and over, paragraphs of your life story, your traumas, your every feeling via email, via text, via chat before I've even had a chance to respond

Contacting me via my webform with very dark, invasive, heavy traumas that extends for pages and pages

I understand the need- but please, I am not a confessional nor have I taken any commitments to help you.

I can sense the draining energy from a mile away and I will avoid it- you are not entitled to my energy or space.

Treat me with respect. 

Examples of healthy ways of conduct would be:

Sharing enough of your background for me to understand your draw to see me- to help me target our focus and your goals- saving the juicy stuff for in person should I accept you.

Tributing me appropriately should you need more time and attention and NEGOTIATING this with me so that we are on the same page and I can give you the time and attention. I do NOT owe you and you cannot EXPECT me to give you time and attention just because you've tributed without a negotiation taking place. If you tribute it is considered a gift, not something to hold over me and does not entitle you to any expectations.

If we are speaking via chat- our conversation will naturally take a direction in which you will be prompted to share more about yourself- should you just need an ear, ask if it is alright with me if you openly share whatever it is you want to get off your chest.

Once you have my permission, my consent, you may proceed- and that is the bottom line.

Thank you for your cooperation, and as always, for being accountable for yourself and treating others with respect.