True Surrender

"True surrender is not a one-time event or the Poof! that comes at the end of some mental magic. True surrender is a process-the gradual letting go of the small self to the big self in each moment.

True surrender is the daily dying of our desires, our wants, our expectations, our grievances, and our attachments. It is the release of the thought pattern that tries to get what it wants at any cost. It is the release of the desire to have things our way. It is the release of the habit pattern that sees parts and believes in appearances. It is the release of the expectation that something is wrong if it doesn't go according to our plans.

True surrender requires an opening of the heart to the unknown. We must let go of what is known and let the grace of God reveal to us our next step, and then the next. True surrender is not-an outward act but an inner process of transformation that allows us to see with God's eyes, hear with God's ears, speak with God's words, and act with God's grace.

Like the sculptor who chips away to reveal an image in a block of stone, true surrender is an awareness that chips away at that which no longer serves us. True surrender is an inner yielding of the soul that frees us to reveal the perfect pattern of our lives."

- Unknown