Today I'll let you in on a secret. The power of GRATITUDE.

When we shift our minds to one of gratitude, we not only feel how FULL our lives are, but we actually MANIFEST more of what we want into our lives. We create our own realities with our thoughts- you notice this in our patterns- why is it that when you're having a crappy day it becomes even more crappy and the opposite exists too? It's because of your shift in focus.

This is why I like to train my slaves and subs to be grateful. We often focus on the negative and move on too readily to what we don't have and want. We don't fully feel the appreciation of what it is we have received. Do you see the nuance here- the first is a focus on lack. We get more of it. The second is an experience of wholeness. We get more of that too.

When you express your gratitude, your world, along with your mind and sight, change.

When you give freely, lovingly, generously, you are communicating to the world that inside, that is how you feel. That is your experience, and in return, that is what you receive, amplified.