Displacement of Vanity

Behind every woman who has ever told her she needed to lose weight and look like a supermodel is a fat slob of a man who hasn't, and is afraid, to look in the mirror.

Socialization has trained men to displace their insecurities on their partners. It has also taught women to accept responsibilities that are not theirs. 

If you've ever been this type of man, what the fuck were you doing?

If you've ever seen this type of man, you know what I'm talking about. The one that objectifies every woman and rates their body parts on a scale of 10 but who takes no accountability for themselves.

Women feel the pressure to adhere to beauty standards that are impossible. When will there be a day where men feel this same pressure to look like 25 year old abercrombie models (oh wait, 25 is too old- how about 22) and need to preen for hours before they feel they will be accepted by their partners? There will be no day like this, because it would be unfair. So why is it fair the other way around? Why has that become a norm?

Stop projecting insecurities onto other people. Turn inward, work on yourself, and you'll see that the outside world is only a reflection of what you need to work on. And you will see the reflection and all the problems, disappear. And the world will be at once, beautiful even with its flaws.