For all of my life it baffled me why my experience of the world was so radically different from most others.

Why could I easily pick up the feelings, thoughts and even physical symptoms of others? Why do I feel all of this as my own? I thought it would be the death of me- who wants to walk around carrying the burdens of others ALL of the time? I thought the physical was only in relation to my family, those of whom I have a deeper connection to- ex: having a sudden pain in my left abdomen, to later hear my mother say, "I need to go to a doctor for this pain in my left side"- she then points to the exact area that's hurting. Most recently, I went to visit my friend's father who is ill. I suddenly had a sharp pain in my left leg. I asked her if her dad had this- she said, "he was having trouble walking yesterday"

I always knew I was very different and life was in ways a lot harder for me. You have no idea what it's like to be so sensitive to what other people think of you, of themselves, and automatically be connected to not just them but everyone they're also connected to. How come my hands can scan someone and automatically know where there is a blockage or injury? How come most others will never know what this is like?

This "magic touch" carries a strong response from animals and children, as well. Children who usually do not associate with anyone will automatically bond with me. Animals are drawn to me. It is the weirdest thing.

It wasn't until I delved further into spiritual teachings did I start to understand. Prepare for very esoteric definitions- if this is not your cup of tea I advise to stop reading now.

Through working with a spiritual teacher I learned that I have been "activated" before in a past life- what this means is that it wasn't just this lifetime that I "awakened"- my supernatural sensitivities were accessed and developed in the past, that's why I have the ability to draw on them now. With a kundalini awakening we can tap into our spiritual gifts but they take years usually to evolve- he was shocked at the speed at which I've been ascending and acquiring/building skills- he has never seen this before. 

My body and mind have been going through a rapid clearing- releasing traumas, toxins and old energetic patterns. I grew up with scoliosis and that has been self-correcting- I kid you not.

What I've learned up to this point in my own journey is that the impossibilities we're taught in relation to our own bodies and selves is a conditioned pessimism. We are taught not to be reliant on our own healing so that we can always be dependent on others. We have the power and capacity to heal ourselves with our minds ONLY if we commit to clearing the programming that causes us distress. 

You would be surprised to know how much of your energy is being used to repress desires and subconsciously manage ego defense mechanisms. Once you let that go, you have unlimited amounts of energy to channel into your pursuits.

I'll lead the way. All you have to do is follow.