Behind the Scenes

Today I had a photoshoot and a video shoot right after! In total I shot for 11 hours today- this stuff is hard work guys it's no joke. I remember when a 2 hour shoot was so draining I would need to sleep after. But hey, I also remember when a 1 hour session was daunting/exhaustive and now I can session for 3 days straight no problem.

One of my best friends in this whole world produced this for me and brought along a crew of highly talented individuals who not only worked tirelessly to capture exactly what I wanted, but made it so much more magnificent than I could've ever imagined. They carved out so much time for pre-production and during the shoot to make sure every single shot was perfect- this type of attention to detail is what makes the great, GREAT. On my side I had an amazing hair artist who went above and beyond making the shoot wonderful and kept a very attentive eye on my hair (plus lent me a beautiful Proenza choker!) and of course, my personal mummy who was so patient and a real trooper! The hotel unknowingly aided our endeavors by giving me an upgrade. Words cannot express how grateful I am for everyone who contributed time and energy to this project.

This is going to be divine and WILD on so many levels.. I won't spoil it. so stay tuned.