What is an Awakening?

Many of you don't understand what a spiritual awakening actually is- it's more than just a wake up call. It's a series of physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual processes that you undergo.

The beginning of an awakening is either triggered by a natural process or more often than not, contact with a higher being, someone who has already gone through this process themselves. It begins with a surge of energy in the crown that then spreads to the whole body- you may experience this as an adrenaline rush but if you really attune, it is very different- adrenaline starts in the medulla at the base of the brain and channels DOWN the body to your organs from your adrenal glands. The awakening begins from the crown and does not impact your heart rate.

This next part is different for everyone- you may experience mood swings and feel very scattered before you become energetically depleted, this is your ego purging itself of its emotional/traumatic debris. This next part is called the ego death where it actually feels like you are dying (and part of you is- your ego holding your social and individual programming). This ushers in a rebirth where, usually the morning after the ego death, suddenly everything is different, calm. It suddenly feels like the very first day- you only understand this if you've been through it. JK Rowling and Ekhart Tolle both went through this as did many others who, after their ego death have contributed greatly to society. They both detail it in interviews or in their works (Tolle writes about it in his best selling, The Power of Now which came to fruition because of his awakening). This is hitting rock bottom with nowhere else to go- this is the phoenix and his ashes.

This is a process by which your soul purifies and ascends, tapping into divine energy easier and developing its natural gifts of clairvoyance. This usually takes many many years and the process never completes- you can always go deeper. There are 7 paths in total for the soul evolution and 3 dimensions operating simultaneously. When you ascend, you are taking your 3d body and merging it with your 5d, higher self. Your 4d is what the consciousness accessed in sleep and during meditation.

For those of you who don't understand this, you probably never will. This does not happen to everyone but it did for me and it does for many of those I've seen since my awakening a month ago. I was always a spiritual person, an intuitive and a healer able to channel/know things I could not explain, but this accelerated my progression and took me to a new level. I was assisted in my process by a medical healer who is well known in circles of the elite. She solves complex crime cases and works alongside Harvard physicists and psychologists who in all actuality, defer to her expertise- not to mention she's known for curing terminal cancer overnight. This is the direction I am headed in as well as I continue to develop my abilities.

Since my awakening, I've no desire to go "back to sleep"- life has developed a new set of challenges that involve the supernatural and are very difficult to explain to those accustomed to hard logic and the systems we have in place- but each challenge is another chance to refine. Hard logic can not explain this because it is a system created by humans and it has flaws, like us. It is limited to our scope of understanding as it only accounts for the rationale we have used to establish our systems of thinking. We only believe in its infallibility if we live within the delusion of our own perfection and you must confront this "error in logic" when you look at yourself honestly. Even in all rational/logic classes, there is always a chapter devoted to when intuition overrides logic. I still remember that it was my chapter to present, ironically, in class in undergrad. A man went to many doctors who all gave him the same benign diagnosis but something wasn't right, it continued to get worse. He finally went to one who explained in his essay that although every symptom was in fact, what the others diagnosed him with, he had a intuitive inclination he cannot put into words that triggered him to run a battery of other tests to find that in fact, it was a malignant and very rare disease. Had he not have caught this based on pure intuition the patient would have died. As a doctor, he of course had trouble understanding this but it was powerful enough to be the only, and essential, exception in a course dedicated to hard logic.

What we operate within, invisibly are universal patterns and laws that require the most brilliant minds to uncover. We can never create a system that is greater/more perfect than us- I believe it was Dostoyevsky who claimed this alongside his assertion that God is perfect and creates imperfect humans- therefore what humans create is more imperfect.

Don't forget that our most reputable news sources have now been called into question after this election. What we trust, our sources of knowledge are not as informed as you believe them to be.

Curious? Do some research. This isn't just some new age crap- this shit is real, infinite and timeless.

This is the metaphysical and the pure.