Natural Law: Retribution

Remember when you were a kid and you were taught "what goes around comes back around"

There is absolute truth to that statement. The good will and kindness you put into the world comes back to you as does the malignant deeds and usually, when they return they are amplified. I'll give you two examples and you can apply them to your world.

1. My mother grew up negating a little girl's voice, stripping me of my ability to vocalize my truth. She not only told me again and again that my voice didn't count (through dismissals, refusing to have conversations, refusing to have a confidential dialogue that she didn't pass on to my father/ her sisters, interrupting and talking over me any chance she got, discrediting my truth to other people like my brothers) but she told me over and over that I was lying, when I was telling the truth (over things w/ consequences and with VISIBILITY- you would have to be BLIND to deny they were true). Quite honestly, from the abuse and from her constant negations I grew up with a speech impediment/inability to communicate which is directly linked to emotional abuse (cross reference here). It did not go away until I started domming and growing more comfortable with verbal humiliation etc.. I was always known to talk very quietly/barely speak at all, allowing people to interrupt me whenever they wanted and had a stammer linked to anxiety when I did speak because I expected whatever I said to not count before I said it. This led to low marks in participation all my life at school- it was always the lowest portion of my grade.

It seems only natural that she would then get cancer that eroded her throat- it's difficult for her to speak now.

2. I knew a man who was constantly criticizing other people's bodies, especially those of women. One of his favorite past times was looking at instagrams of young models and critiquing them. He shamed others for "looking old" and not taking care of themselves because he, in his mind, was above them- he worked out several times every single day. There were moments I had when I was 24, when I just met him, where I gained some weight bc of stress and/or birth control and he would pinch my arms where there was fat. He ended up marrying a model which resulted in a really bad partnership- he wasn't happy, satisfied, he was never in love with her and she beat him up a lot emotionally. But of course, he married a model so it was a marker of success for his vanity. He constantly criticized her for looking old/growing older.

It seems only natural that from his constant work outs paired with his own rapid aging, he injured himself and was no longer able to work out. He gained a lot of weight and grew incredibly depressed. It is a dark path his vanity and criticism of others cultivated for him- there is no way to argue that this was not just.

Based on this law, a person like my father will end up with a disease that erodes his processing and/or hearing to the point where people have to shout at him. It will be what he creates for himself based on a life time of screaming at his daughter (for things like, walking- when I would just be walking downstairs he'd start screaming at me for not doing anything), his wife, his brothers and his students. Despite warnings and reminders from me, his doctors, my mother for many years, he discounts us all- there's nothing we can do to prevent his eventual decline. Also it's important to note- his father had alzheimers. 

Take a close look around at those around you and see how their own miseries correspond to their misdeeds. Please note, this does not apply to EVERYONE- sometimes people are not accountable for their misfortunes as many people who are lovely individuals still get sick. But there's a difference that's hard to put into words. When you feel it you will know what is deserved, and what is not. Sometimes what is not deserved is for a greater good- society learns something- a foundation is created for them which then goes to help others suffering and/or greater awareness is created, etc.. These are true martyrs and a symbol of good.

I write this because it will strip you of your obligation, responsibility and feelings of guilt that hold you down. Sometimes there is nothing you can do for bad people- sometimes it's not your battle at all and it is not you who caused it. Do not blame yourself if it is the case that someone close to you created their own misfortune and pin it on you. It was always them, unable to accept responsibility or look at their own truth.

**note- I would like to add that I LOVED both of the people I listed above. I took care of them, took responsibility for their illnesses/injuries and gave them my everything while expecting little to nothing in return. I realize this may read a bit cold but note that this is only because I'm far along in my process, after being drained and making their problems my problems, I have detached and developed a different perspective, seeing their situations for what they are: not my responsibility.