Black Friday

Is indeed a very dark holiday. As you are familiar with, black is the absence of color. 

Black Friday is exactly that- a celebration of ABSENCE.

As I mentioned in my Thanksgiving blog post, when we feel fake gratitude and celebrate a commercial holiday devoid of real meaning, we experience more LACK because instead of focusing on abundance we are focusing on how we aren't really feeling grateful in our expressions of gratitude. We are focusing on how we ARE NOT and how much we DON'T HAVE.

Then this negative mindset is taken advantage of by yet another commercial holiday where we are seduced to buy MASSIVE amounts of stuff we don't really need just because we should, out of obligation to other holidays around the corner, and because there's a discount (the nature of a discount is to trick you into buying something you didn't want at full price. That's why since I was very young I refused to buy anything discounted- if I wouldn't pay full price for something, I know I don't want it, I must've understood this law intrinsically as a child)

This is what I mean by buying into false images. It is an investment in fake/emptiness which triggers the drowning out of this emptiness with material things- it is a cycle, one in which repeats itself in a variety of ways in our lives (food primarily- think about the dependencies cultivated by sugar and milk industries! & PHARMACEUTICALS attachment to creating "fake" diseases to make you think there's something wrong with you when there is not - this excludes actual pathologies that do require medications, of course)

These industries all like to make us feel a void within. But they are lying to you- you were born full of everything you could ever want and most importantly, with the potential to be truly fulfilled.