Old Soul

Did you ever go through a period where you had a lot of allergies or illnesses all at once, and doctors couldn't explain the sudden onslaught or the sudden disappearance?

I did, when I was a toddler. I was allergic to every fruit, nut and vegetable under the sun. I still remember my mom not believing me even when she saw my gums bleed and swell for a long time, but finally I went to get an allergy test and I remember my back swelling to a point where the doctor had to bring in a group of other doctors to examine it. They didn't understand how this could happen.

Then suddenly, it vanished a few years later. I did have to carry an epi-pen with me for years, though.

As I've continued in my spirituality studies I've come across references to old souls having this happen because they are having difficulties adjusting to life on earth. I don't care if you write this off and don't believe it because you know nothing about spirituality- stop reading then! I grew up thinking it was psychosomatic because there was no other explanation, but the severity of it and my own calmness in dealing with it as a 4 year old girl seems out of the ordinary- and how does it just... go away?

I am an old soul. I've always known this in my heart and many others I've encountered in this life time have affirmed this. What's interesting is that I often encounter new souls that are much older than me, especially through BDSM. In session, structures reverse- these new souls tend to inspire a maternal instinct in me yet in the "real world" I may be too young for them to date!

BDSM does not just explore, reverse and reaffirm (depending on how it's approached) social patterns of dominance/submissions male/female but it does in fact play with even deeper relationships. There are multi-dimensions in each session occurring at once- the negation of social scripts and the restoration of metaphysical scripts.

BDSM for me is absolutely spiritual. Now, more than ever, and more than any other thing.

I have found divinity, and you now find it through me.