Before/After Session

No domme likes to share what they do before and after session because it ruins the "mystique" of female domination, so I will because I don't rely on creating a fake "mystique". My "mystique" is present in session where it's out in the open.

When I first started domming at a commercial dungeon, before I learned the real art and imbued it with my personal style and methods, we were just required to come in 30 mins before the session and get dressed, get made up. Sometimes we'd stuff our faces with take out. No wonder people don't want you to know what this is like- it is SO not glamorous, rather appalling, actually. I used to come with my makeup and hair already done (because I don't do much! My makeup routine takes 5-10 mins tops and my hair I just wear naturally except for some leave in conditioner/oil once in a while- it's like this for photoshoots too!! I never have a makeup artist/hairstylist) so I'd just spend the time drinking water if it was a golden shower session or moisturizing. Yeah, boring.

Now it is an entirely different beast. As many of you who have seen me know, my session starts WAY before the actual session. I tailor this intuitively, but many of you have assignments prior and I spend the time before we meet figuring out your psychology and interests. If there is equipment or outfits I don't already own, I go out and buy them from high end specialty stores in the city or online. If it's a skill I need to build, I spend that time practicing and researching.

Next, no matter what time our session is, I fast for the few hours before or just eat very light foods/juices. Now my diet is very clean nowadays- as the old saying goes, we are what we eat and my saying is we are what we come in contact with. So I like to be as pure as possible because you do make a lot of contact with me. Eating light/fasting helps me to keep my energy up as it's not spent digesting- instead, it is easier for me to spend it on you, expanding my energy field and on your activities/emotional processing.

On the rare occasions I take same day sessions for slaves/subs I know well, I require at least a 3 hour window. My routine pre-session includes reviewing all of your interests, limits and past sessions (even though I have a photographic memory I still like to make sure). I shower, moisturize, do my hair, makeup, all that girly stuff, arrange my equipment, then I meditate so I may be a container for your thoughts and feelings. This helps me tap into my energy and intuition and this is why I can synthesize YOU when we meet- this is why, for those who have seen me recently, I feel EVERYTHING you feel and can put into words what you're experiencing before you can. Meditation keeps me grounded and pushes anything away that might interfere between my connectedness with YOU. Paired with my diet/fasting, I get centeredness, creativity and energy- this is why we reach catharsis so fast. 

As I've refined this process, my energy has reached a directness that's hard to put into words. If you've seen me recently, you know what I mean. It took a lot of self work for me to arrive here.

Usually after sessions I either go one of two ways: 1. top space induced high, or 2. total depletion.

It depends on our chemistry, how much energy you need from me and how much you give back, naturally. A lot of times if you have a lot of emotional baggage, I feel very sluggish after though you will feel light. I cannot see anyone before or after a session usually- though sometimes if I feel energized after I can (but NEVER before- I do not want others interfering with my connection with you) I was born with a hypersensitivity that is borderline clairvoyant- it's hard to put into words I continue to develop these skills to figure out what it really is. I've always known myself to be an empath (a highly emotionally intelligent person) but it's more than that. I worry about saying it is spiritual because of the way this word has been distorted through its associations with quasi science and corrupt "religious figures" and irrational "new age" materials but fuck it, it is absolutely a spiritual, higher consciousness I tap into, for you. 

If you don't believe me, come see me (if I give you the chance)

This is not representational of the work that any other domme does- this is how I alone, work. Considering the amount of time I give you whether through correspondences or through conscious thought in addition to the time spent preparing/researching/practicing for our session, my tribute is a BARGAIN- I know what I do is worth much more, but I deeply like to help others so financial gain is not my priority. Not to mention I know that because I top big leaders with impact, our society may benefit if these people can operate more productively and enjoy a lightness of being. Sometimes I barely break even. Good quality latex, equipment, etc.. are hundreds of dollars!!

I usually only schedule sessions with a few days in between so I may dispose of the emotional accumulation and/or replenish the energy depletion and reach centeredness before my next session. On the rare occasions I do any "back to back" sessions (and only if I have an incall location where I'm maximizing the usage of the space) I give myself at least 2 hours in between for the process- usually more in order to tailor the space for the unique interests of the next sub/slave. And because I know the psychology and requirements of each of you so well, I will only schedule lighter, less emotionally taxing sessions on the same day.

Happy Thanksgiving. When it comes to gratitude, remember the difference between obligation and genuine, loving thanks.