From my sub d (who's a switch,  though he mostly tops because he doesn't often find women he wants to submit to)

This made me smile. In the end I want all my subs/slaves to lead more enriching lives. Whether that's giving them genuine acceptance, an outlet to express themselves fully, some naughty fun, or just plain honesty (crazy how much of a lack there is of that!)

Subject: Thank You!

I've been channelling you these last two weeks.  There is a new submissive girl in my life, and I am using you as a role model for some new things I'm doing.  I'm using empathy, making an honest effort to read emotions, and taking no shit and it's working really well. 

I was at a point where I was like "I don't want to top.  This takes too much fucking energy."  Then I thought of how you do what you do and kept going.  I can maybe see echoes of what some people need emotionally and sometimes I can give it to them. Now I have a new cook, masseuse, and maid. :)  

She's pretty happy with the arrangement as well. 

Thank you!  You're awesome at what you do.