Mission Statement


Aleta aims to bring traditionally performative BDSM sessions inward, guiding her subs to ultimate synergy of mind body and spirit. She aims to empower submissives and bring to light the necessary components of empathy, trust and love in a healthy D/s dynamic.

Using kink and sexuality as grounding and motivating forces in enacting change by removing denser energies such as shame and repression, Aleta surpasses bounds of both the kink and healing world and allows them to coalesce in an unprecedented way.

In her work, she is greatly influenced by her film and psychology background. She also uses her extrasensory abilities of clairsentience and clairvoyance, bringing her and her subs to a deeper connectedness in their pursuit of truth and meaning. She aims to demystify BDSM and elevate it to a new level of artistry, utility and mastery.