I am a born healer who practices Sacred BDSM. As a high-level empath, I feel what you feel and give you just what you need to move forward in your life. My intention is to set you free and correct the imbalances within that are created by larger imbalances in our society. Devotion, tactility and evolved sexuality meld to form my framework of self-actualization. Perhaps it's an initiation you seek or a guide to lead you on your path to peace, purity and integration. That search has led you to me.

In this space I combine my psychology background, traditional BDSM, energy healing, hypnosis among other healing capabilities into a naturopathic modality. When you surrender to me, you fall into alignment with the flow. You build your sense of security in your authentic self as your energy clears and strengthens.

Within BDSM are unique aspects of unrivaled connection, intensity and elucidated dynamics. Combined with healing, you'll reach a elevated state of consciousness that far surpasses the constraints of the material world, of traditional healing and BDSM sessions. 

Sexuality is the greatest driving force we have, even if it's subconscious. All of our creations and successes are for the very purpose of metaphysical "reproduction"- continuing our lineage in a way that surpasses corporeality. By integrating sexuality into the healing process where we openly explore it alongside not just the physical, but the emotional, mental and energetic bodies, we find the power to transform its darkness into our glory.

Welcome to the nexus of surrender and ascension.